Fayette2OldTruck1In 1953, The North Kenova Fire Protection Association, better known as the Burlington Fire Department was started. The Concerned Citizens of Burlington help to raise money to start the department through a letter drive. The letter drive was continued for many years. The department started on a very modest budget, as did many small, rural departments.

Things quickly began to grow and a small, two bay station was built next to the water tower in Burlington. The station was just big enough to get two small trucks in. During meetings, the apparatus had to be pulled out and left outside.

In the 1980's, the need for fire coverage in the northern part of the township grew. A second station was to be built on top of Sunrise Hill. This second station eventually became its own department. About the same time as the second station was being designed, a new building was erected for the Burlington area, and still serves Burlington today. Through the 80's and 90's, the departments operated totally separate from each other, both answering to the board of trustees for Fayette Township.

In the early 2000's, it was decided that both departments needed to start working together to better serve the citizens of the township as a whole. A dual response agreement was reached, where both departments responded to the initial alarm of fire, anywhere within Fayette Township. As the decade went on, the idea of rejoining both stations into one department was tossed around.



In 2007, an issue was placed on the ballot to all of Fayette Township. It would dissolve Fayette #2 Fire Department's fire tax levy, and Fayette Township Fire District 1 would expand to their levy to the entire township. This was just a technicality, as both departments joined into one group, better fit to serve the township and its citizens.